Other Special Places


The 16th century Bogoda Bridge is the only remaining roofed wooden bridge of the Kandyan period. This graceful bridge spans the rocky Gallanda oya and is constructed entirely of wood. The gabled shingle roof is supported on eleven pairs of elegantly carved pillars and banisters and the entire structure had been painted with vermilion, turquoise and ochre natural lacquer. The Bogoda Raja Maha Vihara Rock Temple nearby has pre Christian era inscriptions and old murals and images. (Traveling time approximately 45 minutes)




One of Uva’s most striking and Dramatic monuments.  Buduruwagala  is a Group of seven colossal standing rock – cut Mahayana Buddhist figures.  Located at Nugayaya on a turn off on the Tanamalwila – Wellawaya highway.  Carved in high relief on a cliff face in thick jungle. Bodhisattva figures and the Goddess Tara flank the central Buddha figure which is 51 ft. in height. (Traveling time approximately 45 minutes)





Located on the main highway between Badulla and Bandarawela is the Dowa Rock Temple, which has Murals and inscriptions dating back to the 1st Century B.C. A striking colossal unfinished rock cut standing Buddha figure (8 m high) carved on a cliff face is one of its main attractions.(Traveling time approximately 15 minutes)





According to legend, King Ravana of Sri Lanka, hid the beautiful Princess Sita whom he abducted after defeating her husband prince Rama of India, in the Stripura Kanda Caves.  The three caverns are the most extensive in Sri Lanka. (Traveling time approximately 45 minutes)

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