Our campsites would be wild life parks/ Tea Plantations/Forest or crown land sites with excellent vantage points.

Boralanda Agriculture Farm Wet highland zone
Dambana Forest/Tank frontage Dry zone
Horton Plains Wet grass land Wet highland zone
Adams Peak Wet grass land Wet highland zone
Udawalawe National Park River Bank Dry zone
Bundala National Park River Frontage Dry zone
Yala National Park River bank / sea Dry zone
Diyaluma water fall Forest/ Tank frontage Wet zone
Namunukula Range Forest/ Mountain Intermediate wet zone

The facilities at the campsites will include accommodation in camping tents

(2 person per tent) sleeping mattresses, sheets, pillows, towels, torches, soap, toilet facilities, food, Beverages ( as requested), and back up services.

Many of our treks and safaris will be concluded with an overnight stay in unique camping sites, with a B.B.Q dinner.

In the night, apart from the campfire, Lanterns surround the campsite.


The Boralanda campsite is situated about 12 Km from Bandarawela in one of the most beautiful locations in the Island, in a farm called Boralanda livestock farm.  This farm carries out vegetable cultivation, and also does cattle, goat and poultry farming.

Surrounded by the Haputale mountain range, Horton Plain Range and the Hakgala Mountain Range it has many round-topped peaks.  The one with the best view is selected as a campsite.



This campsite is in close proximity to a Veddha (Sri Lankan Aborigine) Village. Visit the village and meet and mingle with the Veddha’s and observe and participate in activities such as watching them making their traditional bow & arrow (which is constructed from Natural Materials), Hunting by setting traps such as ‘Habaka’ which is used to trap small animals and their method of extracting honey from honey combs of wild bees etc.

HORTON PLAINS : Refer ‘Wild life parks’

Diyaluma water falls : Refer to ‘Nature Trekking /Trails’

Namunukula Range : Refer ‘Nature Treks/ Trails’


With an elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level, has a distinctive nine – Peaked silhouette, which dominates our provincial capital, Badulla.

Approximately 6 hours.

There are many more Trekking trails and excursions that can be arranged within the Health Triangle of the Uva province, be it a one hour, two hour half a day or one day trek.  You can trek to Lost Villages, Cattle Caravan routes, ancient routes used by traders and pilgrims of the olden days, walk to hidden waterfalls, or through Eucalypti Forest, Rain Forest, Pine Forest or Natural Forest, or through Tea plantations across and along mountain streams.  Eco Spots with camping sites are available at various places or you could return to Orient hotel.


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