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About Us

Orient hotel with 50 superbly appointed rooms is the flagship adventure hotel of Bandarawela, which is situated in the hill country of Sri Lanka. Renowned the world over as a health resort, it possesses a cool and mild climate and is surrounded by high mountain ranges, forests, majestic waterfalls, tea plantations and archeological sites.

The Uva province of which Bandarawela is a major city, is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, and indeed in this part of the world, with a rich and fascinating history steeped in folklore.

An added attraction to a city which abounds with attractions is that it is ideally located on the main route between Kandy and the Yala Wild Life Sanctuary.

At Orient hotel BANDARAWELA, we pride ourselves on being the foremost specialists in Eco, Adventure, and Agro Tourism in the Uva Province which is one of Sri Lanka’s Nine Provinces. The Uva Province holds an undisputed first place in its Natural beauty. It’s varied topography ranges from elevations of 2,150 meters above sea level on the western borders, to the Spreading Lowlands on its Southern, Eastern and Northern Limits. High mountain ranges, steep peaks, precipitous escarpments, and majestic waterfalls abound. It contains within it many of Sri Lanka's Outstanding Natural Sights and Wonders.

Orient hotel Continues to be one of the Leading adventure Hotels in the hill country of Sri Lanka and it caters to clientele from all parts of the Globe. Over the past 40 years Orient hotel has become synonymous with a personalized and friendly service.

Orient hotel is geared to provide true professional Services, so that your leisure or adventure vacation could be carried out from the luxurious facilities at our Hotel, we could also provide you with expert guidance so that you could maximize your Holiday, be it short walks, strenuous hikes, or visits to places of natural beauty, heritage sites or wild life sanctuaries.

We are experts in Adventure Tours, Agro Tourism, Trekking, Bird watching, Camping, Wild Life Parks, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Mountain and Rock climbing, Nature Tours and Nature Weddings etc.

Programs are designed to blend with Romance, Excitement, Education, Nature etc,  in the vicinity of streams and rivers,  in the jungle or cool hills. All of which are there to welcome you.

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